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roundedshape Project Manager

The smart management solution for your

external resources

Automate the management of your providers and freelancers

Enrich your projects with the best skills

With Dispo…


Save time by automating low-value tasks

The information entered by your service providers is available at any time, you draw up your commercial contract in a few clicks, manage your purchase orders, your invoices, access to their certifications or diplomas.

Part-time HR contractor

Share your opportunities with your external talent community

You create communities and communicate with them.

You offer your opportunities to one or more people, groups, or all of your resources.

Job offer

Control the costs, schedules

Specify a budget in each opportunity and track your costs in real time.

Your schedules are automated, you can anticipate and manage the dates of your projects by sharing in a few clicks with your providers.

Planning Time Share CFOs and HRD

Drive engagement

The animation of your communities is the key to retaining the best talent, interaction is promoted by the tool. You can notify a person, send an email, receive or give your feedback.

Integrate into your ecosystem and break down silos allows Finance, Purchasing, Legal and Human Resources teams to work with managers in the management of their projects.

You have a global vision of the company’s projects, skills and associated costs.

Automated registration. The expert profile is created from a CV

You communicate via the tool and create communities offers profiles thanks to our integrated AI scripts

Skills evolve and enrich your workforce management

A provider company, an individual talent responds to one of your opportunities, or you request your pool.

You validate the expert necessary for your project and the team is complete.

You access all the useful documents, contract management is simplified, automated onboarding

The mission begins, the schedule is updated, budget management is managed, invoices integrated.

Dispo in a few figures

Reduce administrative costs by automating recruitment, contract management and payment processes.

Saves time: Process automation reduces time spent searching for and hiring freelancers, allowing operational teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

Increased productivity: by using a freelance management system to effectively manage projects and freelancer resources, thus ensuring a better distribution of tasks and more rigorous monitoring of deadlines.

Improved compliance: by centralising external resource management, companies can reduce the risk of non-compliance by ensuring that all service providers meet legal and contractual requirements.

Access to a wider talent pool: companies can increase their access to specialised talent by 40%, making it easier to find experts with specific skills and diverse experiences.

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Future of Work: Understanding, Adapting and Anticipating


Future of work

Future of Work: Understanding, Adapting and Anticipating

The “Future of Work” describes the rapid changes in working methods, influenced by new technologies, societal changes and the expectations of assets.  Faced with these transformations, companies must adapt and remain competitive. What is the “Future of Work”? The “Future of Work” encompasses several aspects: Cultural evolution: a focus on work-life balance, diversity and inclusion. […]

10 July 2024

Reskilling and recruitment



Reskilling and recruitment

The cost of reskilling versus recruitment can vary depending on several factors such as industry, geographic region, skill level required, and company size.  However, it is often cheaper to reskill employees present in the company than to recruit new talent.  Here are some key points to consider: Cost of reskilling:  Training and development: training costs […]

04 July 2024

How to monetise your free time through employment?

How to monetise your free time through employment?

If you are reading this article it is because you have understood the importance of monetising free time and have identified the main benefits: increased income, skills development, work-life balance, reducing financial stress. Free time is often seen as a time of relaxation and leisure, but it can be much more than that. It can […]

07 January 2024

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