Our mission

Enable companies to create the commitment of their external collaborators

Our story


We founded Ability Shared to bring our business expertise to the internal resources of companies: Human Resources, training, coaching and digital tools to companies. Our goal: to work on skills, organize the HR function and equip it to make it more efficient. By developing our time-sharing HR network and interacting with our clients, we understood that it was time to focus on tools to optimize the management of external resources. It is with the contribution of our 3 professions: HRD, Coach, Tech.lead that we created Dispo.work.


Listening to our clients, our understanding of business and financial issues and our strong appetite for tools have led us to develop the essential features for the management of the “future of work” of companies. Our conviction: Regardless of the type of contract used, having the right person at the right time while capitalizing on internal knowledge remains decisive for the performance of a company.

It is with the contribution of our 3 jobs HR, Coach, Tech.lead that we created Dispo.work.


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Our values

Stay focus and have fun

You can reach us at +33 1 58 35 42 03, or by email at contact@dispo.work.

Where are we?

12 Avenue Léon Harmel, 92160 Antony, France